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Soft Dough

Safety Data Sheet

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Product Codes

OD2.4KG/8/AC       Tub of 8 x Assorted colours

ODE2.4KG/8/AC    Tub of 8 x People colours

ODF1.8KG/6/AC     Tub of 6 x Fluorescent colours

ODCM1.8KG/6/AC  Tub of 6 bars – 2 Yellow, 2 Magenta, 2 Cyan

OD1.8KG/12/AC      12 x 150g tubs Assorted colours

Product Features

Wheat & Gluten free!

Super soft modelling dough, easy to handle even for small hands.

Cut, shape and mould.

Encourages hand to eye co-ordination.

Use with all types of tools, extruders and moulding plates.

12 Strong Bright colours including Fluorescent.

Supplied in an air tight reusable tub.

Non staining.

Suitable for children 1+

Colour Mixing Dough

A unique way to explore the concept of Colour Mixing.

3 Primary, specially formulated colours which when mixed together change colour.

Exciting for smaller children to see colours change before their eyes.

Older children can learn ratios, weights and percentages in a fun way

Colour Range

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