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Our paints are used by many teachers, parents/carers and artists.

Here is what they say about some of our products!

Amazon Reviewers – Scola Artmix (Readymixed Paint)

” Absolutely perfect, arrived on time, big bottles with really good [sic] quality pre mixed paints, odor free, and easily washable. What more would you want when using these with kids for craft activities.”

“Great value, brights colours, can confirm these are washable!”

“Strong solid colours. Doesn’t spread out thinly like cheap paints.”

“Nice paints that wash of [sic] children’s hands easily”

“I’ve now bought 3 sets of these paints. Lots of paint, good coverage on quite dark cardboard (except for yellow where I do a white coats first).

These have mainly been used for making cardboard fancy dress costumes.

Washes off easily from clothes and surfaces.”

“This paint is brilliant! Like I used to use at school! Washes out of everything it comes into contact with!! Lasts ages. Very thick. Perfect for finger painting and with brushes and sponges. My little boy has had hours of fun!”

“I was getting fed up of buying small pots for £2 in the local shops that don’t last! As a teacher I know how great these are in school and this lot will last us a long time too. Great value for money and generally wash out well.”


Freelance illustrator artist

Creator of Critiques And Tests.

I’m certainly going to be getting my very own supply of this paint in the future, to have as my everyday go to paint.

Highly recommended by Critiques And Tests


” I work with young people with complex mental health issues, particularly suicidal intention and severe self harm. I just wanted to commend you on your new foldable canvasses. They are perfect for my young people to use as they are safe and risk free for my clients but allow them to enjoy producing artwork on ‘proper canvasses’. They are excellent and I will be recommending them to all my colleagues in similar establishments.

Awesome product! “

Jemma Westing



I’m Jem and I run a not-for-profit creative workshop called BrilliantBuilds. I take the workshop to a variety of festivals and family events each year. Over the last two years I have decided to use Scolaquip paint because it’s genuinely ideal!

It washes out of clothes,

It covers paper and cardboard really well

It doesn’t take too long to dry

The colours are vibrant and rich!

I recommend these paints wholeheartedly for schools, workshops, and for home projects. Check out the photos on Scola’s Facebook page to judge the quality for yourself. Also feel free to look at my BrilliantBuilds workshop page too so you can see how we use the paint in boisterous and manic workshop environments!

Scolaquip also has such friendly, honest customer service. Jane Reynard has been so supportive of my workshop and always sent really friendly notes along with the paints!

Try scolaquip out if you’re not already, you won’t be disappointed.

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