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Powder Colour

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Safety Data Sheet

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Product Codes

APC2.5KG/*        Powder Colour 2.5kg

APCF2.5KG/*        Powder Colour Fluorescent 2.5kg

APC10KG/*       Powder Colour 10kg

APCF10KG/*        Powder Colour Fluorescent 10kg

*indicates a colour number is needed

Product Features

The most economical and versatile way to make ready mixed paints: a long standing staple in schools.
With the need to offer products in as sustainable way as possible the Powder Colour is supplied in a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable bag and box. The powder colour once opened can be kept in the bag in a dry environment.

Mix with water to the desired consistency. Start with less water and add more gradually.

Can be mixed with PVA to create a glossy finish.

Colours can be mixed wet or dry to achieve new colours.

Wheat and Gluten free.

Colour Range