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Safety Data Sheet

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Product Features

Melt-down is an amazing paint which delivers the most convincing metallic gold, silver, copper or bronze finish to all types of art and craft work.

Apply like ordinary paint using your favourite method of application and the paint dries to a beautiful metallic lustre which is strong and abrasion resistant.

A superb way to give crafts, dried flower arrangements or any type of artwork a visual lift and a touch of class.

Ideal for creating a life-like look to stage props it can be mixed with Fabric Medium for use on all kinds of textiles as well as paper, card and wood.

Melt-down is waterbased which makes it clean to use with no unpleasant smells and can be safely used by children or adults.

Product Codes

S0786010     Egyptian Gold        250ml Bottle

S0786030    Silver Stream          250ml Bottle

S0786000    Surfer Bronze         250ml Bottle

S0786020   Copper Kettle         250ml Bottle

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