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Safety Data Sheet

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Colour Range

Product Features

A quality transparent watercolour paint which dries to a semi-gloss finish.

The vivid colours are water based and semi-translucent, they resist mixing and don’t flake.

They do not easily blend enabling spectacular effects to be created onto paper, wood and acetate, and are a fantastic alternative to watercolour paint.

Cromar is ideal for painting on to windows and it washes off glass easily with a damp cloth or sponge.

Product Codes

S0785870    Black                         500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785960    Ultramarine Blue       500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785950    Burnt Umber             500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785890    Crimson Red             500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785900    Green                        500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785910    Orange                      500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785880    Brilliant Red               500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785970    Violet                         500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785930    White                         500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785920    Mid Yellow                 500ml Single / Box of 10

S0785940    Assorted box of 10    One of each Box of 10

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